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Dreamscapes - "Mushroom of Fear."

Dreamscapes - "Mushroom of Fear."

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This image represents "the dreamscape" you sent us, Lawrence.

This image is reproduced in format, 3:2 8192*4096 px 300dpi Png, for high print quality.
We divided your dream into two parts this the first image:

The title you suggested to us is, "Mushroom of Fear."

The landscape you describe shows him walking on a very long beach and at the bottom of it fomented a smoke of fear, represented by a mushroom divided into two primary colors; the first on the right fiery red and the second on the left sea blue. a tree and the moon respectively. The landscape and dreamlike, it was actually a little scary to him.

He decided to print it out to look at it hanging in his room,
so as to ... "get over his fear"!
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