Collection: Mobile Wallpapers Collection, under 1 euro, chosen by our staff

I can't believe how quickly the vacations are approaching! If Christmas isn't here yet, it soon will be. In fact, if you haven't yet shopped or started making travel plans (or both), it's definitely time to get a move on before things get too busy.

Here is the new collection from

Mobile wallpapers, illustrations for your personal or professional projects;) - Digital Art

This collection is divided into categories, and we're constantly adding (hopefully!) many new categories. The files you'll see are all suitable for a 4:3 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1280*853px at 300dpi, high-quality jpg files for mobile phone wallpapers, (even if you don't need them!;) since they're mobile phone wallpapers, but we've made them available;) It's better to have high-quality mobile phone wallpapers, don't you think!?;)

As you all know, is a digital content store where you can find everything you want: Photos, Digital Artworks, Illustrations, wallpapers for your mobile devices, thematic collections and much more... follow us because, soon we will also have available NFT (non fungible tokens).

I forgot! this collection is limited to only 1000 copies available and only one thousand people in the world will be able to have one of these wallpapers!
On our site you can purchase many products with just one click! In this collection enjoy the wallpapers!!!

Mobile Wallpapers Collection, under 1 euro, chosen by our staff - Artsquarenft