Collection: Gallipoli Collection

Gallipoli centro storico fiorito

One day..., while strolling through the streets of the historic center with my friends Gianluca and Gianmarco, we enjoyed discussing the evolution of artificial intelligence and modern photo software. As we wandered through the alleys, we admired some of the beauties of the city, such as the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, the Church of Santa Maria della Purità, Palazzo Pirelli, and Palazzo Granafei.Gallipoli Cattedrale

Our walk led us to reflect on the possibility of transforming these beauties into digital artworks, and so the idea of creating an NFT collection was born. We decided to dedicate the collection to Gallipoli, our favorite Salento city.

Gallipoli spiaggia Le Purità

We selected seven photos from our walk, including the beautiful Spiaggia della Purità and the suggestive beaches of Baia Verde and Punta della Suina. Using Midjorney v4 and PrismaAI, I brought unique and suggestive images to life, which I then further elevated with Gimp to create an incredible viewing experience.
The Gallipoli Collection is a unique opportunity to take home a piece of the beauty and unique atmosphere of this city. Each artwork was created with passion and dedication, and I am proud to share these creations with you.

Collezione Gallipoli GianLuca
Collezione Gallipoli GianMarco

Additionally, I have created two special images for you. In the first, you can admire all the artwork dedicated to Gianluca's point of view, which focuses on the most beautiful and sensitive details of the city.

In the second, instead, all the photos dedicated to Gianmarco's point of view are collected, offering a more complex and profound perspective on the city of Gallipoli.

And if you are curious about how the challenge between me and my friends ended, I can only tell you that when they saw the finished work, they defined the 14 images as true works of art and demanded a copy of the Gallipoli collection, of course for free! Although the collection was limited to 30 copies, we start from 29, so don't miss the opportunity to own one of these precious digital artworks!

Gallipoli Collezione Spiaggia