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Art has the power to transform domestic spaces, reflecting our personality and creating a unique atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the magical world of paintings and discover how to choose them to transform your environment into a masterpiece.

The Importance of Art at Home

Art is not just decoration but also an expression of who we are. A well-chosen painting can convey emotions and tell our story. Before you start selecting paintings, reflect on how you want your home to feel and communicate with you and your guests.

What Paintings to Buy for My Decor?

Starting Points for Purchases

To begin with, I recommend visiting specialized art websites like Desenio, Posterlounge, and ShopArt. These portals offer a wide selection of modern paintings and artistic prints suitable for every style of decoration.

  • Desenio: An ideal destination for those seeking modern art and posters.
  • Posterlounge: A place to discover high-quality artistic prints.
  • ShopArt: An online store with unique options for interior art.

Additionally, another website I recommend is ArtSquare, which offers a multitude of art forms to download directly in high-quality files for printing on any chosen support or to be shipped in the preferred format directly to your home. The multitude of images offered by the site is generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence and processed with state-of-the-art software, making them unique or limited edition.

This site further expands your options for purchasing original and innovative works of art for your home decor.

How to Choose Paintings?

The choice of paintings depends on your personal taste and your home's style. To create harmonious decor, look for common elements such as colors or themes. For example, if your living room has a palette of neutral colors, you can opt for paintings that reflect these shades.


soggiorno minimalista

Minimalist Living Room: If your living room is minimalist, choose paintings with clean lines and neutral colors to maintain consistency.

soggiorno boho

Boho Living Room: For a boho style, be daring with vibrant and colorful paintings that express your individuality.

How to Choose the Color of a Painting?

Paintings should complement the color palette of the room. You can opt for works that recall the main colors of the decor or create contrasts to capture attention. For example, if your living room is dominated by shades of blue and gray, you might look for paintings with hints of these colors.

How to Choose the Size of a Painting?

The size of paintings depends on the wall where they will be placed. Large paintings enhance spacious walls, while smaller ones are ideal for more compact spaces. To determine the ideal size, measure the available wall space and choose paintings that fill it harmoniously.

What Paintings to Put in the Living Room?

The living room is the heart of the house, so the choice of paintings is crucial. You can opt for both modern prints and classic paintings, depending on your style.


arredo classico e moderno

Classic Modern Living Room: If you desire a classic modern style, consider paintings that reinterpret traditional elements in a contemporary way.


Salotto Classico e modernoLuxury Modern Living Room: For a luxurious style, modern prints and luxury paintings can become the focal point of your living room.


I hope these tips help you choose the perfect paintings for your home. Remember that art has the power to transform spaces and reflect your personality. Happy shopping and decorating!

The Artist Blogger - 09/18/2023.

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