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Discover the World of ArtSquarenft: Behind the Scenes of Creativity

LuigiArtSquare e le sue Pennelate Digitali

Welcome to ArtSquarenft, the beating heart of digital art and web design! I'm Luigi_ArtSquare, a 52-year-old web designer and digital artist with extensive experience, from analog to digital and even the use of AI. Despite an aneurysm that destroyed some arteries in my left eye, my creative spirit remains more alive than ever. Together with my extraordinary team, we've created a magical place where art comes to life in innovative and surprising ways. Today, I'll take you behind the scenes of our creative world and tell you how we transform our ideas into unique works of art.

The Perfect Family Behind ArtSquarenft

Our team is a family in every sense. We're united by a common passion for art and technology, and every day we work together to create extraordinary projects. Let's get to know them better!

anna a lavoro con le nuove tecnologie ed il suo caffè

Anna: The Embodiment of Precision

Anna is 47 years old and brings a wealth of experience and attention to detail. She's our precision expert; almost nothing pleases her, which is one of the reasons we strive to improve. Capable of turning any idea into reality with meticulous care for every detail, Anna started her career as a draughtswoman, a passion she's had since she was young and is renowned for her freehand drawing skills. Every morning, her day begins with her thoughts full of commitments and a cup of black coffee—only after drinking it can you start talking to her! She then becomes ready to solve any problem with a smile, always with her “feet on the ground” and on top of everything. Anna also takes care of her over-ninety-year-old mother behind the scenes, sacrificing part of her life with lightness and dedication.

Davide a lavoro con le sue cuffie ed il suo pad definisce un'opera

Davide: The Young Creative Genius

Davide is only 18 years old, but his creativity is already legendary. He's our young genius, capable of spotting errors and improvements in a fraction of a second. While our generation grew up with “Vehicles” – TVs, radios, refrigerators – Davide was born with a cell phone in his hands, iPads, streaming, Twitch, and everything that seems technologically complex is normal for him. He loves working with loud music and flashing lights, and often we find ourselves imagining while discussing his latest ideas or creations. His contagious energy makes every day brighter. He's also passionate about football, which he's been following for 10 years. He's now starting to score goals... lol!

Michele nel suoi strani pensieri extraterrestri

Michele: The Intuitive Manager

Michele, at 20 years old, is our master of management. He isn't “earthly”; he lives everything with an apparent superficiality that hides incredible depth. With his intuitive approach and ability to find quick solutions, he's the pillar we rely on when there are inexplicable and insurmountable problems that need to become solutions. Michele has a natural talent for organization and an inexplicable and fascinating musical composition in his head, which he conducts masterfully like an orchestra of contemporary ideas and innovations. He loves strong coffee and challenges and never backs down from solving a problem. His motto is "No problem is too big, no detail too small."

Our perfect family: Anna, Davide, and Michele!

Our Typical Day

Every day in our studio is a new adventure. The day begins with a morning meeting that no one has scheduled, naturally! We discuss ideas and ongoing projects. Anna is always ready with her list of details to consider, while Davide, who always has something to do, quickly shares his ideas, often surprising us with his genius. Michele, with his superficial “intuitive” approach, guides us through challenges and finds brilliant solutions, always.

Brainstorming Sessionsriunione dove volano idee, canvas, etc

Our brainstorming sessions are special moments. Normally, we should sit around a large table with sheets, markers, and, of course, lots of creativity. Instead, we find the right moment when we're all together, and that's when the “power” that defines everything happens. Anna often starts with a to-do list, and soon the discussion becomes animated and ideas fly. Davide loves drawing his concepts on large digital sheets, while Michele, in his world, takes notes and coordinates our ideas. These moments of collaboration are the beating heart of our creative process.

The Magic of Creativity

Our site, ArtSquareNFT.com, is the result of this synergy. We promote the sale of collectible canvas paintings, ideal for decorating any environment. Each artwork comes with certificates signed by the author and the possibility to purchase copyright and commercial licenses. Additionally, we offer the ability to download hundreds of digital images and request NFTs of the works, bringing art into the digital world with authenticity and innovation.

The Creation Process

uno degli step del processocretivo dei nostri canova

The creation process of an artwork begins with an idea. Each team member contributes their unique perspective. Anna ensures that every detail is perfect, Davide experiments with new techniques and styles, and Michele coordinates everything with his organizational skills. Once the artwork is complete, it is digitized with digital brushstrokes (a term coined by Luigi_ArtSquare) and prepared for sale.


Some of the extraordinary works available on ArtSquarenft
collezione nft Artstsquarenft.comGiclée Print Canvas - "Migratory Theater - Ninth Piece by Luigi_ArtSquare" - Artsquarenftcollezione file da scaricarecollezione Gallipoli canvas 

An Internal Brand: "NoCap"

Brand NoCap T-Schirt

In addition to the wonders of ArtSquareNFT, we are proud of our internal brand "NoCap," with a long history and in-depth research behind it. This brand represents our dedication to quality and innovation. But that's a story for another article!

Join Us on This Adventure

Every day, our mission is to create beauty and innovation. We are a team united by a passion for art and technology, and we want to share this joy with you. Visit us at ArtSquareNFT.com and discover a world where digital art comes to life.

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